Box Office: It Remains Strange at the Top!

1. Doctor Strange: $43M/$153M
Marvel took another step into unknown territory with the Sorcerer Supreme and, yet again, it's paid off. Even with a 50% drop in ticket sales the latest entry into the MCU remains at the top spot and steps to within reach of recouping it's budget in only the second week of release.

2, Trolls- $35M/$94M
It seems that if you go animated there's no adaptation too odd to tackle. If you go this route with live-action you get Battleship but like The Lego Movie and the crazy financial success of The Smurfs as long as you animate you can adapt any 80s property and make money. Trolls approaches the $100M mark in its second week of release.

3. Arrival- $24M
This hurts, this hurts deep. Arrival is, simply put, an amazing film..yet here it lies behind Trolls. An alien flick with two A-listers in the lead and plenty of awards buzz yet it can't even take the #2 spot? C'mon folks!

4. Almost Christmas- $15.5
This years first holiday entry picks up a respectable $15.5 million on a $17 million dollar budget. Expect some 4-7 spot staying power as the holidays arrive

5. Hacksaw Ridge- $10.7M/$32.2M
Far from getting the runaway hit treatment this film probably deserves the heroic WWII story doesn't get much of a Veteran's day push and rounds out the top 5

6. The Accountant- $4.5M/$77M

7. Shut In- $3.7M
The Naomi Watts fear flick comes in at a disappointing $3.7 million...why it was delayed until two weeks after Halloween I'm sure I'll never know.

8. Boo! A Madea Halloween- $3.5M/$70.4M

9. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back- $3.3M/$54M

10. Inferno- $3.2M/$31M
I think it's safe to say that Robert Langdon is a box office draw no more. In just it's third week of release the film, based on the Dan Brown series that started with The DaVinci Code, is almost out of the top 10. Proof positive that you always strike while the iron is hot, the 7 years that have passed since Angels & Demons couldn't have helped matters.

Outside of the disappointment surrounding the box office for Arrival there aren't too many surprises here. Doctor Strange should enjoy it's second week as J.K. Rowling is just around the corner. Unless there's some miracle of catastrophe you can fully excpect the #1 spot next week to be filled by Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them where it's sure to stay until Rouge One: A Star Wars Story arrives in mid-December!