Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jackie Chan Join 'Forbidden Empire' Sequel

China loves them some Arnold Schwarzenegger. And you know what? The Governator loves them back. Hot on the heels of his signing on to a $200M Chinese blockbuster, Schwarzenegger has now agreed to join one of their most treasured stars, Jackie Chan, for fantasy sequel Viy 2 aka Journey to China: The Iron Mask Mystery.

The Chinese-Russian co-production is a sequel to Russia's highest-grossing movie of 2014, follows 18th-century cartographer Jonathan Green whose attempts to map Russian's Far East land him in China. The role of Green will be played by Jason Flemyng, reprising his role from the first movie which was known internationally as Forbidden Empire and reviewed by us here. I damn near forgot we covered it. Oleg Stepchenko is returning as director.

And it looks like Schwarzenegger commands big dollars outside of the U.S. because the film is set to be Russia's most expensive co-production ever. Hopefully this is more exciting than when they teamed up to fight movie piracy. [THR]