Adam McKay Is Planning A Dick Cheney Movie Next

It's crazy how quickly Adam McKay went from a comedy director I frequently dismissed to one I admire greatly. And it's not as if he's completely abandoned his comedy roots, but found a way to incorporate it into subjects of greater importance, like The Other Guys and The Big Short. Well now he's turning his attention fully to politics with a profile on the most dangerous Vice President we've ever had, Darth Cheney. I mean Dick Cheney.

McKay will direct a movie based on Cheney, the puppetmaster who had his hand up George W. Bush's butt for 8 years. He also "accidentally" shot a friend in the face during a hunting accident. Sure sure sure. He did other awful things like leading the corrupt private contractors at Halliburton, which grew in prominence while he was in the White House. And of course he helped steer us right into war with Iraq which, coincidentally, helped Halliburton tremendously. Just sayin'.

Hopefully this will be a better depiction of the heartless one than we saw from Richard Dreyfuss in W.  Filming begins next spring, so let's try and keep McKay safe until then, okay? Cheney's reach is long...[THR]