Woody Harrelson Plans Directorial Debut, 'Lost In London'

Hey, if this keeps him out of another Now You See Me then I'm all for it. Woody Harrelson is set to move from in front of the camera to behind it for his directorial debut, a film titled Lost in London.

Harrelson revealed the news to Screen Daily while doing press for LBJ, in which he plays the former President. He didn't reveal much about his film except that he'll also be writing the script. We don't even know if he'll star in it, as well.

What little else Harrelson revealed was while discussing other projects. For instance, the reason he dropped out of George Clooney's Suburbicon was so he could star in Rob Reiner's Bush-era political thriller, Shock and Awe. After that wraps he'll then get moving on Lost in London.