Women Will Direct Every Episode Of 'Jessica Jones' Next Season

Ever since Lexi Alexander's underrated Punisher: War Zone, women directors have found it hard breaking into boys' club of superhero movies. Fortunately that's now beginning to change with more female-led movies on the way, beginning with next year's Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins. And we're seeing that extend to the small screen through Netflix's excellent Jessica Jones series.

Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg announced over the weekend that every second-season episode of Jessica Jones will be directed by a female. This is pretty awesome news, especially since the show's first season did such a masterful job dealing with issues specifically from a female perspective, such as physical and sexual abuse. 

We don't know who the directors will be yet but we can probably hazzard a guess. Here's hoping Alexander is one. All the more reason to look forward to Jessica Jones, which begins shooting season two next year. [Variety]