Tim Miller Exits 'Deadpool' Sequel Over Creative Differences With Ryan Reynolds

Surprise! The Deadpool sequel suddenly needs a new director. Huh? Wha? How'd that happen? Deadline has the scoop on something none of us were expecting.

Apparently, star Ryan Reynolds and previous director Tim Miller ran into some creative differences on the sequel, but that things ended with all sides still feeling chummy. Miller will instead move on to direct a different movie, titled Influx, which was penned by Mark Bomback, writer of The Wolverine. Still this comes as a shock. The Wrap says part of problem between Reynolds and Miller had to do with the casting of Cable. Miller wanted to cast Kyle Chandler, who was rumored for the role a couple months ago, while Reynolds wanted someone else. 20th Century Fox backed Reynolds, and it's easy to see why. He has been the face of this project for a long time, and the main reason why it was such a hit. That's why they gave him a phat pay raise to come back.

Deadpool was Miller's first feature, and obviously he did an amazing job. Just how big of an impact this will have is unclear, and we won't know until the sequel arrives in 2018. Will Fox go with another unknown director, or a bigger name with more experience?