This Week In DC TV: Team Arrow Has To Work On Their Trust

Hey Folks!

This week in the DC CW TV Universe, everything’s getting set up for this season of our favorite small screen superheroes.  We got to see the conclusion of the Man of Steel visiting his cousin on Supergirl.  The Flash introduced us to a new metahuman with some serious emotional issues.  On Arrow, the new team is forming up perfectly.  Finally, on Legends of Tomorrow, we got introduced to the Justice Society of America!  Let’s take a look at each of these shows and what happened this week.

Supergirl: “The Last Children of Krypton"

Last week we were introduced to a new version of Superman, Supergirl’s cousin yet again.  Actor Tyler Hoechlin plays the Man of Steel very differently than Henry Cavil does in the DC Expanded Universe movies.  He’s more reminiscent of Christopher Reeves’ version of the character as Hoechlin completely nailed the “Clark Kent” part way better than Cavil has in the recent movies.  The good thing about his role in Supergirl is that he never overshadows actress Melissa Benoist as she still leads the show.  There has been some talk about the CW trying to do a Superman TV show, but he’s probably better in small doses.

And we did get him in small doses so far as by the end of the episode he makes his departure from Central City back to Metropolis.  Rest assured, we will probably see him in future episodes.  Also making a departure was Calista Flockhart as CatCo CEO Cat Grant.  This is probably due to the show’s reduced budget and production moving from Los Angeles to Vancouver, something that Flockhart probably didn’t want to do.  Like Superman, she’ll probably make a few cameos throughout the season.

This week the two cousins of Krypton helped clean up the city dealing with criminals with ease as they normally would do.  However, it looks like Cadmus will be this season’s big bad guys as they don’t want Supergirl or Superman operating on our planet.  They have commissioned some super cyborgs powered by Kryptonite to take the two one.  The first battle the two were soundly defeated, but after coordinating with fellow DEO agents, the two were able to gain the upper hand and save the day.  Cool namedrop of the substance “Promethium” as that is the DC Universe’s version of Vibranium or Adamantium.

Meanwhile, Kara is now starting her new job as a reporter.  Turns out as rude and narcissistic Cat Grant was, her new boss Snapper Carr (played by Ian Gomez) will not be easy for her.  He immediately shuts her down saying she’s not a real reporter.   He forces Cara to prove herself, and in a sense, she will be a better reporter and a better, more confident person as a result.

The dilemma between Hank Henshaw/ J'onn J'onzz (Martian Manhunter) and Superman resolved itself as well.  The two have been at odds over the DEO’s storage and use Kryptonite.  Because Hank decided to keep a cache of the radioactive substance that weakens and even kills Kryptonians in case rogue ones came to earth (which they did, so he was right), Superman vowed never to work with the DEO.  They resolved their differences this episode and the DEO gave Superman their entire Kryptonite supply for him to dispose of.  

The Flash: “Magenta”

A new week, a new metahuman is introduced.  This week we are introduced to Magenta (hence the title of the episode), a new metahuman created by Doctor Alchemy when he gave abilities to Frankie Kan.  Frankie is a troubled child, who after spending years in the system has developed an split personality.  The regular, troubled kid is Frankie.  However, Magenta is a conniving killer, who just also happens to have Magneto-like powers that she uses gleefully to enact revenge on her terrible step-dad.  Most of the rogues that The Flash faces are one-dimensional cookie cutter villains (with the exception of Reverse Flash and Captain Cold), but Magenta is actually someone with deep psychological problems.  By the end of the episode, it’s not The Flash and his speed that save the day, but Barry Allen and his heart that save the day by counseling her.

Also returning this week are Harrison Wells and his daughter Jesse Quick, who return from Earth-Two to ask Team Flash for some help.  Previously she and Wally West were hit by energy from the particle accelerator and injured.  Fans of the comic book know that both she and Wally also are speedsters.  This week’s episode of The Flash revealed that Jessie has since then gained speed powers.  Her father Harrison doesn’t want her to be a superhero, though, call it being an overprotective father.  He tries to get members of Team Flash to talk her out of it, but we all know how rebellious teens can be.  By the end of the episode, she is encouraged by her father to save the day by using her speed powers.  He even gives her a costume as well.

Speaking of speed powers, Wally West is really bummed out that he doesn’t have speed powers when both he and Jessie were hit with the particle accelerator at the same time.  He’s not jealous, but he’s not happy at the same time.  Jesse tells him about when she gained her powers by almost getting run over by a car on Earth-Two and used the Speed Force to save herself.   As a result, Wally tries the same by standing in traffic, only for nothing to happen and Jesse needing to save his life.  Both Barry and Joe try to talk Wally out of his quest to gain speed powers as the life of being The Flash isn’t a glamorous one, but we all know that he will eventually get it.

Meanwhile, Barry and Iris try to have a “first date” now that they are a couple.  The problem is, he’s still The Flash and as much as he tries to separate the two from each other, they are intertwined.  Why not embrace being both at the same time?  Barry speeds Iris to some far off place to make an impression as they spend some time together.

We still don’t know who Doctor Alchemy is yet!  My money’s on him being Barry’s professional nemesis, Julian.

Arrow: “A Matter Of Trust”

On Arrow, there’s a new team.  However, Oliver still isn’t 100% good with them as a working unit.  After all, they are new to the vigilante game.  This week was all about the team building trust with each other.

And boy do they have a way to go.  First off, Wild Dog still a hothead and wants to do things his way.  On a routine mission scouting a possible drug dealer, Wild Dog gets himself and Evelyn Sharp into some trouble by trying to take the drug dealer on.  Oliver wanted to build up a case where he could take down the drug enterprise legally as “Mayor Queen” and not The Green Arrow.  However, they ended up creating a new metahuman in the process.  During the battle with Derrick Sampson (WWE superstar Cody Rhodes who Arrow star Stephen Amell fought during a PPV event) fell into a vat of chemicals and instead of dying gained the superhuman ability to not feel any pain no matter the injury.  This makes him more than a match against the Green Arrow.

Meanwhile, there’s another issue of trust.  This time between new team member Rory (Ragman) and Felicity.  As you remember last season when Damien Darhk was launching nukes all over the world, Felicity tried to deter one warhead from Monument Point and ended up destroying the city of Havenrock.  Havenrock happens to be where Rory is from and its destruction is why he wanted to become a vigilante.  Felicity is faced with the dilemma of coming clean to Rory of her role in the destruction of his hometown, and the death of his family.  At first she cannot bring herself, to tell the truth, but eventually does come clean to Rory.  Rory is taken aback at Felicity’s confession and walks out.

Elsewhere, Oliver’s sister Thea is also making mistakes that would make Oliver lose trust in him as well.  She appoints Quentin to be the new Deputy Mayor of Star City.  This news is quickly leaked to the press and causes a little bit of commotion.  For one, Quentin is once again off the wagon and therefore untrustworthy.  In addition, Thea did this without Oliver’s approval, making it seem like the new mayor has no control over his own cabinet, how could he fix the city?  Thea offers her resignation, but Oliver not only refuses it, but he approves Quentin’s appointment.  

Diggle is now in prison after being framed last week.  Despite his wife believing that he’s innocent, Diggle starts to lose his grasp on reality and starts imagining himself sharing a cell with Deadshot (who is dead on the show… unless Flashpoint altered that as well?) who is revealed to be nothing more than a hallucination.  His wife Lyla is not going to abandon him and comes to Oliver with the request to break him out of prison.

Legends of Tomorrow: “The Justice Society Of America”

Last week on Legends of Tomorrow, the show ended with the group resolving the Albert Einstein problem in 1942 only to be confronted by the Justice Society of America.  The JSA is the 1942 version of “The Justice League” and they are a well-oiled machine.  The members of the JSA include: Commander Steel, Dr. Mid-Nite (who can see in total darkness), Obsidian (who can turn into a shadow-like state), Stargirl (who wields a cosmic staff), Vixen (like the Vixen showed  up on Arrow last year, she can harness the abilities of animals when wearing her Totem necklace), and Rex Tyler/Hourman (who can have superhero powers for an hour).  The JSA immediately take the Legends into custody.

Not believing the Legends are from the future, they are ready to send them to Bellevue.  However, when historian Nate reveals his grandfather’s military dog tags around his own neck, showing that Commander Steel is his grandfather, they start to take the Legends seriously.  However, in the JSA’s eyes, the Legends are a dysfunctional group with no discipline.  They released the Legends to go and leave 1942.  Of course, when Nate realizes that his grandfather’s dog tags have disappeared from his neck, that means only one thing: the JSA will die and his grandfather will never be able to ensure that he gets it.  The Legends will have to travel back to 1942 and save the JSA.

Rex thinks that Stein is the leader instead of Sara because…it’s 1942 and women can’t be leaders.  With Rip Hunter nowhere/nowhen to be found, the Legends do need a leader.  Stein tries to lead the Legends, with disastrous results.  It doesn’t take long for him to realize that he’s not fit to lead the team.  He relinquished the title to Sara, who rightfully is the team's leader.

Since it’s 1942, we already know who the bad guys will be this episode, Nazis.  This time, they have to stop a Nazi who was given a super soldier type of serum from Eobard Thawne as he traveled in time to help the Nazis.  In order to stop them, the Legends go to the Nazi leader’s favorite club.  This is where you have to strain incredulity as Jax and Vixen (two African-Americans) and Stein (a Jewish person) a free to hang at a Nazi nightclub without anyone there batting an eye.  Eventually, the undercover JSA and Legends are caught when Ray Palmer refuses to give the traditional Heil Hitler Nazi salute and a big melee happens.

Given that Hitler was famous for looking into the occult, they JSA and Legends find out that the Nazis are after the Askaran Amulet.  Later on, during a scuffle with the Nazis over the amulet, big bad guy Krieger takes the serum and becomes a hulk-like monstrosity.  He quickly defeats both the JSA and Legends by himself.  In the fight, the groups become separated and Ray Palmer and Vixen are captured.  In order to not have himself or Vixen killed, he agrees to help Krieger replicate the serum so he can create more super soldiers.  This doesn’t sit well with Vixen who thinks it’s an act of cowardice.

Now the JSA and the Legends have a difficult choice.  They are to either bomb the Nazi base so that they cannot use the weapon as well as eradicate the serum, or go in and save their teammates.  Sara and Rex Tyler butt heads a little bit on this one.  However, Stein backs Sara saying that she’s their leader and if she says they can do it, then they can do it!  As the JSA and Legends take on the Nazi’s, Vixen and Palmer manage to escape the bunker and join the fight above.  Nate even gets the chance to save his grandfather, and the two are able to reconcile.

So with the Nazis defeated, the Legends leave 1942.  Everything worked out, right?  Well not exactly.  Eobard Thawne shows up and see’s Rex Tyler and kills him by forcing his vibrating hand through his body.  Does this mean that he will never be able to warn them in 2016?  We’ll just have to hurry up and wait!