'The Flash' Movie Loses Its Second Director As Rick Famuyiwa Drops Out

There may be bigger problems on Warner Bros.' The Flash than we've been made privy to...or somebody's screwing around with the Speed Force again. THR has learned that Dope director Rick Famuyiwa has dropped out of the film due to "creative differences".

Sound familiar? Well sure, it sounds like the same reason Tim Miller walked away from Deadpool 2 last week. But it should sound familiar for another reason, and it's because previous director Seth Grahame-Smith stepped away from The Flash a few months ago, citing the same exact thing. Famuyiwa wanted to make a film with more "edge", and the studio apparently disagreed in an effort to make the movies more fun.

So this doesn't look good needing to bring in a third director already, and it will be interesting to see who they get. Clearly, some of the shine has come off of the project now and we may see WB choose someone with less name recognition. Or perhaps Phil Lord and Chris Miller will simply pick up the slack rather than just working on the story. In the meantime, this could also cause the film to be delayed as the March 2017 start date approaches. Star Ezra Miller has another commitment in July, and don't be surprise if the 2018 release date gets shifted.