Takashi Miike To Direct 'Jojo's Bizarre Adventure', David Mamet's 'Speed-The-Plow' Headed To Screen

There are a couple of reasons to be very interested in the upcoming live-action adaptation of popular manga series, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. The first is that it will be directed by the prolific maverick filmmaker, Takashi Miike, and the second is that it will star an actual Japanese actor in 22-year-old Kento Yamazaki. That latter point is notable because this is a co-production between Warner Bros. and major Japanese studio Toho, who are behind the vast majority of Godzilla movies. So don't expect to see somebody like Nat Wolff playing the Asian protagonist (like he is in Death Note, by the way), which is in itself refreshing. Anyway, the manga centers on the Joestar family who use their amazing powers to defeat supernatural foes. The film will be based on chapter four of the eight-part manga, titled "Diamond is Unbreakable", which was recently adapted into a TV series. The plan is for the film to be ready by next summer, but considering this is the speedy Miike, who has directed more than 90 movies in like 2 years(an exaggeration, but barely), he could probably be finished by next month. If this turns out to be half as good as Miike's adaptation of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney then we're in a for a treat. [Variety]

David Mamet is set to direct an adaptation of Speed-the-Plow, which he wrote based on his own 1988 stageplay. A scathing, satirical look at Hollywood, the story centers on newly-appointed studio chief Bobby Gould, who is under pressure to produce a hit. A friend then gifts him with just such a project that will also lure in a star from a rival company. Meanwhile the guys are embroiled in a bit over who will bed Karen, an attractive temp secretary with an agenda of her own.  Sounds messy, and the kind of movie that generally doesn't perform very well anymore (see Hail, Caesar! And She's Funny That Way) but this is Mamet and he may bring something a bit different to the table. And that title has to go, doesn't it? Yuck. [Deadline]