[SPOILERS] 'The Walking Dead' Cast Says Goodbye To Negan's Victims

If the [SPOILERS] tag in the title wasn't enough somehow, here's one final warning that the events of The Walking Dead season 7 premiere (recapped here) are about to be spoiled.

Got it?


Look, I'm a little bit pissed over what happened after The Walking Dead season 7 premiere episode, in which Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) offed not one, but two members of the Ricktatorship. I think there has been too much focus on the death of Glenn (Steven Yeun) and not nearly enough on Abraham (Michael Cudlitz). On the one hand I get it. Glenn has been there since the beginning, and Yeun is arguably the most popular actor in the cast outside of Norman Reedus. When Glenn died my first tweet was that the show's Comic-Con panel won't be nearly as much fun with Yeun, because it definitely won't.

But we shouldn't short change Cudlitz's Abraham. For me, his death is the one that had my eyes misting up. Perhaps it was because I always expected Glenn to be killed because I'm familiar with the comics. The other reason was more subtle; the "peace" sign Abraham flashes to Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) just before the killing blow is struck. As the two went from friends to lovers over the last season, that sign became their way of saying "I love you", and I damn near lost it when he did it for the last time.

That said, there are millions of people in mourning over the loss of these characters, and as usual The Walking Dead knows how to give the fans what they need emotionally. So here are two short videos of Yeun and Cudlitz saying their goodbyes. It seems the rest of the cast isn't quite ready to let them go, either.