SHIELD's New Boss Revealed As This Patriotic Marvel Superhero

On last week's Agents of SHIELD episode, appropriately titled "Meet the New Boss", we were introduced to Jason O'Mara as the new director of SHIELD. While we learned his first name was Jeffrey and that he's actually a super-powered Inhuman, it didn't tell us exactly which Marvel character he was. The speculation has been that he was actually Jeffrey Mace, who is probably only recognizable to the most devoted Marvel-ite. Well now EW has confirmed the character's identity to be that of Mace, but it's his backstory that is truly interesting.

Mace was a Daily Bugle reported in the 1940s who became inspired to fight Nazis after seeing Captain America in action. He took on the identity of Patriot and helped lead the superhero team known as the Liberty Legion.  Later on he would actually become Captain America for a time in the wake of Steve Rogers' presumed death. So in a sense Marvel is giving us a twist on that scenario. Rogers has abdicated the mantle of Captain America following 'Civil War', and now Coulson has set Mace as the public face of SHIELD to help restore the public's faith and patriotism.

Pretty cool, but obviously this is going to go in a very different direction with Mace being revealed as an Inhuman.