Robert De Niro And Christopher Walken To Fight 'The War With Grandpa'

There was a time when learning Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken were teaming on a film that it would conjure hopes of another Deer Hunter. Sadly, those days are long gone for both legendary actors, whose careers have sunken to the pits of throwaway comedy Hell. And so it is that now when they are finally reunited on screen after four decades, it's for a horrible-sounding comedy titled The War with Grandpa, and no it's not some kind of quasi-sequel to De Niro's unfortunate Dirty Grandpa.

Also starring Eugene Levy (Already you can count me out.) and directed by Tim Hill of Alvin and the Chipmunks infamy, the film centers on a prank war that erupts between Peter and his grandpa when the latter moves in and takes over his room. Robert Kimmel Smith wrote the book from which this is apparently being adapted, and I'm sure it's a fantastic read. Lord knows you can't attract talent like this with any old adaptation....sorry I could barely type that without laughing.

And Weinstein wants to get this one out the door fast, already slating it for release on April 21st 2017. What? Don't these guys need time to get into character?