Nicolas Cage Is Sunk In New Trailer For 'USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage'

The story of the crew aboard the USS Indianapolis is a tragic one, and probably deserves to be made into a movie. In 1945 following the attack on Pearl Harbor they were sent to deliver parts for the first atomic bomb. They complete the mission but are sunk by the Japanese soon after, leading to the biggest single loss of life in U.S. Navy history.

So their story should be told, but is USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage that movie? Ehhhh, probably not, especially since the main attraction seems to be Nicolas Cage fighting for his life against shark attacks. To the credit of this latest trailer there is more of an attempt to spotlight the supporting stars, such as Tom Sizemore, James Remar, Cody Walker (yep, Paul's bro) and Thomas Jane as members of the crew who were stranded at sea and lost their lives.  The event was recounted in one of the best scenes in Jaws, and chances are this film isn't going to make us forget about that.

Directed by Mario Van Peebles, who I generally like but is probably better with smaller movies, USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage is available now on VOD. It gets a minor theatrical release on November 11th.