Nicolas Cage Hunts Osama Bin Laden In Goofy 'Army Of One' Trailer

Don't be fooled by the claims made by any Presidential candidate; no matter how the election goes terrorism will continue to be a threat to us and the world. And in the fight to defeat those who would do us harm there will be moments of great tragedy, and moments of great victory. One high point was the search for an ultimate elimination of Al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden. There were many who took part in the hunt to find him, and one you may not have heard of is Gary Faulkner, who will be portrayed by Nicolas Cage in the new film, Army of One.

Ever since the film was announced last year with Cage starring and Borat director Larry Charles at the helm, it was clear this wouldn't be taking Faulkner's story too seriously. And now that we're seeing the trailer we know for sure that it isn't. But then again, Faulkner's story is pretty weird. Based on the GQ article, the film is based on Faulkner, a regular guy who sees a vision from God, apparently played by Russell Brand, and makes it his mission to capture bin Laden. 

There's tremendous potential here for everybody involved. Charles' biting political cynicism is what made Borat so successful and The Dictator so funny. Applied to this story and filtered through the maniacal Cage, who looks totally unhinged here, it could be genius. 

Army of One opens November 4th so we won't have to wait long.