New 'Logan' Image Shows What Happens When Wolverine Gets R-Rated

So just how R-rated is the third Wolverine film, titled Logan, going to be? R-rated enough that we're going to see limbs getting sliced off, or at least that's what this new black & white image from the movie's Instagram account suggests.

A photo posted by @wponx on

Oh yeah, this is going to be good. I always hated how in the X-Men cartoons Wolverine never truly sliced anything up other than robots, and in the movies his obvious kills are hidden because of the PG-13 rating.

Considering the Instagram account refers to the Weapon X program we kind probably expect the secretive organization to factor into the story somehow. Will Mister Sinister be working for them under a disguise? I wouldn't be surprised if he were running it, using the facility's resources to clone Wolverine's DNA and, possibly, create X-23. We shall see.

Logan opens March 3rd 2017.