New 'Logan' Image Reveals Stephen Merchant As Caliban

We last saw the mutant tracker Caliban on the big screen in X-Men: Apocalypse, as he and Psylocke had a fateful encounter with Apocalypse and his evil team. It looks like Caliban not only made it out of there unscathed, but he went on to live well into the future, long enough to be part of the third and final Wolverine film, titled Logan.

While Caliban was played by Tomas Lemarquis previously, James Mangold has confirmed it will be Stephen Merchant in the role now. The casting was made official in a a pair of new photos featuring Merchant as the albino mutant, gifted with a tracking ability that allows him to find other mutants anywhere in the world. He's basically like a human Cerebro, and in the comics that power has been exploited by the X-Men, the Morlocks, and Apocalypse.

It remains to be seen how Caliban will fit into the story which follows an aged Wolverine with a diminished healing factor, living in a time when there are few mutant births. It's possible his tracking power will be used to sniff out what few mutants there are left in the world, making him pretty invaluable.

Logan hits theaters on March 3rd 2017.