Mystery Role In 'Black Panther' Goes To Letitia Wright

One of the cool things about the MCU is that there are no small, unimportant roles. Well, there are, but none that are kept a mystery. And that's a situation we have now with Black Panther, as newcomer Letitia Wright has been cast in a mysterious new role.

While Variety's report had said she was playing a brand new character named Serita, that's no longer in their report. So what is her actual role? I have three guesses. One is Shuri, T'Challa's younger half-sister who took on the Black Panther mantle; another is Queen Divine Justice, a member of Tachalla's personal guard the Dora Milaje but one who was raised on the streets of Chicago; and the villain Malice, a former Dora Milaje who grew jealous of the other women in T'Challa's life.

The 22-year-old Wright isn't a known commodity yet but that may be changing. She recently scored a role in Steven Spielberg's adaptation Ready Player One, which opens next year. As for Black Panther, it will hit theaters on February 16th 2018.