Matthew McConaughey Finds His Fortune In New Trailer For 'Gold'

The first trailer for Gold arrived with a lighter-than-expected tone, similar to The Wolf of Wall Street or American Hustle. It was kind of jarring, to be honest, because that's not generally what we would expect from Syriana director Stephen Gaghan. But it appears to not have been just a marketing ploy because the latest footage has the same feel, which means we should expect a fun lead performance from star Matthew McConaughey.

Also featuring Edgar Ramirez, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rachel Taylor, Toby Kebbell, and Corey Stoll, the film has McConaughey undergoing a physical transformation (not unlike Christian Bale in American Hustle) to play struggling prospector Kenny Wells. His quest to achieve the American Dream finds him striking it rich in Indonesia, only for the entire corrupt operation he built to come tumbling down.

Gold arrives on Christmas Day where it will face a crowded field of expected Oscar nominees. Judging by what we've seen I'm not sure it ranks as a true contender.