Martin Starr Falls For Mae Whitman's Voice In Trailer For 'Operator'

Is it possible to fall in love with someone's voice? If you've seen Spike Jonze's Her, then you may have a thought or two about that question. Well, what if that voice belongs to someone you already have feelings for, but it's the perfect disembodied version you actually prefer? That's the premise behind Operator, a new film starring Martin Starr and Mae Whitman from director Logan Kibens.

And there's definitely a Her-type vibe going through the trailer, which shows Starr's call center programmer as he is tasked with finding the perfect operator voice. When his girlfriend's soothing, comforting voice is the one that's chosen, things get difficult as he begins falling in love with the digital version of her rather than the imperfect human he sees every day.

I'll be very curious to see what this actually says about human interactions in a technology-driven society, because that will probably go a long way in how much the film is enjoyed. Operator opens November 8th.