Margot Robbie Is Voicing A Bunny In 'Peter Rabbit'

Margot Robbie is the hottest actress around right now, so whatever she takes part in is basically the hottest project in Hollywood at that time. Based on this we can surmise that movies based on British children's books are in right now. A few months ago Robbie joined Domhnall Gleeson for Goodbye Christopher Robin, a biopic based on "Winnie the Pooh" author A.A. Milne. Now she's hopping on over to Peter Rabbit, an adaptation of Beatrix Potter's book about the trouble-making bunny.

Perhaps Robbie and Gleeson talked the whole thing over during lunch break because he's part of this cast, too. While she is said to be voicing an unspecified bunny in the live-action/CGI hybrid, Gleeson will play Mr. McGregor, who just wants to keep the rabbits from eating his vegetables. James Corden voices Peter Rabbit, Rose Byrne is a character named Bea (Is that the name they've given Mrs. McGregor? Or perhaps a version of the author?), while Daisy Ridley and Elizabeth Debicki have voices roles.

A deal with Robbie hasn't been struck yet but if she signs on it'll be a huge addition to a cast that is already impressive.  Filming begins early next year with Will Gluck at the helm. [THR]