'Luke Cage' And 'Family Matters' Mashup Could Be Netflix's Best Show Ever

You know what Marvel's Luke Cage series really needed? Some gentle heart and opportunity as the days go by. If those words sound familiar then, like me, you probably watched one too many episodes of '90s sitcom  Family Matters back when it was part of ABC's TGIF comedy block. Admit it, you dug Steve Urkel. How could you not? Family Matters brightened up a lot of Friday nights back then, and it can even cast a ray of sunshine on the mean streets of Harlem.

Youtube user Zach Ace has brilliantly combined the Family Matters theme with scenes and characters from Luke Cage. It turns out to be absolutely perfect, especially when you see Cage and Pops just kickin' it at the barber shop. Everybody looks so happy! That smile on Cottonmouth's face usually means something horrible is about to happen, but I just can't buy it when "As Days Go By" is playing over top.

Check it out for yourself, but personally I would watch this if it were an actual thing.