Leonardo DiCaprio And Glen Powell Are Making A 'Captain Planet' Movie

OF COURSE the guy to finally get the eternally-developing Captain Planet movie off the ground would be Leonardo DiCaprio. He's not just one of the Hollywood elites who believes in global climate change, he puts his money where his mouth is backing a number of charities and making documentaries like The 11th Hour and Before the Flood, the latter debuting this month on National Geographic Channel.  But DiCaprio's take on the 19902 environmntal superhero may come as a surprise to old school fans who really just wanted to hear Ma-Ti summon up the power of "heart".

THR reports DiCaprio's Appian Way will produce a live-action Captain Planet movie once Paramount secures the rights. They had previously been at Sony where that effort never got off the ground. The interesting thing about this version is the idea cooked up by screenwriters Glen Powell (the best part of Scream Queens) and Jono Matt is that it could follow a washed-up Captain Planet, years removed from the cartoon's heyday, who now needs the kids more than they need him. Am I wrong in hoping DiCaprio decides to suit up as the good Captain, green hair and all?

It's an interesting idea that obviously sounds like a comedy. And if they're going to go that kind of route, perhaps all involved should study up this classic Funny or Die sketch featuring Don Cheadle as a Captain Planet who has totally had it with humanity.