Ken Loach's Palm d'Or Winner 'I, Daniel Blake' Gets A U.S. Trailer

It's hard enough to stay at the top of one's game for even a few years, but at the age of 80 Ken Loach is still going strong. His latest progressive kitchen sink drama is I, Daniel Blake, and it earned the filmmaker the Palm d'Or against some stiff Cannes competition. Now as the film prepares to land stateside this awards season, the first U.S. trailer has debuted.

By all accounts the lead performances by Dave Johns and Haley Squires are one of the film's great strengths. Johns plays a brusque widower used to living life on his own terms, until circumstances suddenly force him to go on welfare. The transition doesn't go smoothly, but puts him in the orbit of a young mother struggling through the system.

I, Daniel Blake opens December 2nd. We'll be fortunate to see it here next week as part of the impressive Middleburg Film Festival slate.