Joseph Gordon-Levitt Heads To Space For 'Sovereign'

How far is Joseph Gordon-Levitt going to escape the poor performance of Oliver Stone's Snowden? All the way into deep space, that's how far. According to Deadline he'll star in the sci-fi film, Sovereign, marking his return to the genre since Looper in 2012.

The film will be directed by British filmmaker Marc Munden (Quantico), with red-hot writer Jack Thorne (stageplay version of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) taking the latest shot at the screenplay. Gordon-Levitt plays "a man who, in the wake of a fractured marriage, goes to find his wife and the entire crew of a space station who have gone missing. As he explores the ship, he discovers the truth about their disappearance and is forced to confront his own role in losing her."

No word on where this fits into the actor's schedule historical drama K-Troop, a Fraggle Rock film and a musical comedy he's planning with Channing Tatum.