Jesus Is Back And Bowling In First Look At 'The Big Lebowski' Spinoff, 'Going Places'

"Nobody fucks with the Jesus!", and that apparently includes the Coen Brothers, who have been against the idea of 'Big Lebowski' spinoff featuring John Turturro's hilarious Jesus Quintana character. But Turturro, seemingly without their approval, moved forward on making the movie himself, and now we're getting the first look at Going Places.

Taking place appropriately in a bowling alley, the image shows Turturro back in probably his most popular role ever. The actor is also directing the film which is inspired by  Bertrand Blier‘s 1974 French film Les valseuses, about an oddball love triangle that went to some seriously disturbing corners. Turturro may have toned things down a little bit based on the synopsis, though...

John Turturro plays Jesus Quintana in GOING PLACES, a film about a trio of misfits whose irreverent, sexually charged dynamic evolves into a surprising love story as their spontaneous and flippant attitude towards the past or future backfires time and again, even as they inadvertently perform good deeds. When they make enemies with a gun-toting hairdresser, their journey becomes one of constant escape from the law, from society and from the hairdresser, all while the bonds of their outsider family strengthen.

Also starring Audrey Tautou, Susan Sarandon, and Bobby Cannavale, Going Places has yet to find distribution but we can probably expect to see it next year.