Interview: Jonás Cuarón On 'Desierto', Immigration, Trump, And More

Movies don't get much more topical than Jonas Cuaron's Desierto, a desert thriller that arrives as the immigration issue has reached a fever pitch. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays an American man who takes it upon himself to gun down Mexican immigrants trying to cross into the country. Gael Garcia Bernal plays one of those looking to come here to find a better life, only to end up in the man's crosshairs.

I had a chance to speak with Cuaron, the son of Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron. He knows exactly the heated political climate Desierto is dropping into, and isn't afraid of the reactions some may have. He also opens up about working with his father on Gravity, and any future projects.

Desierto is in theaters now. Check out the interview below and my review of the film here.