Imogen Poots Seduces Michael Shannon In Sexy 'Frank & Lola' Trailer

Michael Shannon and Imogen Poots were both very busy at this past Sundance Film Festival, but only one of their films featured the two of them together. That was Frank & Lola, the directorial debut by Matthew Ross, and a film I heard a lot about for the raw chemistry between the two.

But what I'm seeing in this new trailer are the film noir qualities Ross has brought to the table. Shannon had another movie at the festival with similar attributes, the disappointing Complete Unknown, but this looks like a far superior effort. Shannon stars as Frank, an up 'n coming Las Vegas chef who falls hard for Lola (Poots), who aspires to be a fashion designer. The two hit it off and Frank thinks he's found the perfect woman, until a man from her past arrives and forces him to reconsider everything he thinks he knows about her. Michael Nyqvist, Justin Long, Emmanuelle Devos, and Rosanna Arquette co-star.

Based on this we can expect a sexy, dangerous thriller with Poots as a classic femme fatale. Color me excited.  Frank & Lola will hit theaters and VOD on December 9th.