Ian McShane Fights A Dirty Border War In 'The Hollow Point' Trailer

Movies set along the U.S./Mexico border are all the rage right now. Hmmm..wonder why that could be?  Last year we saw Sicario become a box office and critical favorite; in a few weeks Jonas Cuaron's Desierto will make a horror movie out of the immigrant plight. And this holiday season The Hollow Point will offer a different kind of take on the border war.

Ian McShane stars as the rule-breaking former sheriff of a small border town, whose run-ins with a Mexican drug cartel cause problems for the incoming sheriff played by Patrick Wilson. Turns out the cartels don't like it when their smuggling operation is derailed by law enforcement, so they decide to strike back in force. And while the fight against the bad guys looks pretty violent, the war of words between McShane and Wilson's characters is where most of the tension will come from.

Directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego (Open Grave) with Jim Belushi and John Leguizamo co-starring, The Hollow Point opens December 16th. Oof, tough weekend.