Honest Trailer For 'Ghostbusters', The Film That Created A Perfect Storm Of Hatred

Let' be honest, for all the hateful comments spewed about Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot, many of which came before the movie ever shot a frame, ultimately it was just sorta average. It wasn't that bad, and certainly nobody's childhood was ruined the way some drama queens were trying to claim. That said, the film was a massive flop for Sony and it remains one of the most hated movies of the summer.

That means it had to get an Honest Trailer, but the folks at Screen Junkies were smart and disable the YouTube comments on it. Why would they take a step like that? Uhhhh, were you around this summer when every other thing said about the film was either sexist or racist?  Who would ever want to open up that can of worms again?

As for the angry narrator guy's critique? He goes to exhaustive lengths to play the middle ground, saying “It's bad. I’m not gonna lie to you guys. I mean, it’s not as bad as they said it was gonna be, but still, it’s pretty bad.” Notably he calls out all of the the cast for trying to be Bill Murray's Peter Venkman when there's only room for one comic relief character, and knocks the film for its lowbrow humor, weak villain, and on again/off again relationship to the original movie.

But then it ends by taking a shot at the haters who went way overboard with their vitriol, with some going so far as to terrorize co-star Leslie Jones on social media.

"If something’s lame, and it ain’t that good, what you gonna do? Don’t watch it! And don’t waste your time trolling the cast just because they agreed to be in a bad movie."

Check out the Honest Trailer below. I think their reveal of what's in the extended Blu-Ray cut may have cost Sony a few thousand sales all by itself. That extra footage looks atrocious.