Get Mad: 'Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind' TV Series In The Works

I met one person in my life who doesn't like Charlie Kaufman and Michel Gondry's beautiful, mind-bending Oscar winning romance, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. She is no longer in my life, that's all I'm saying. The film is classic, one of those that we deem untouchable. No sequels, no remakes, please! Well, what we want doesn't mean squat because THR reports that a TV series is on the way.

If that news makes you want to sign up for memory erasure at Lacuna, Inc. then I'm right there with ya, brother. As for who is behind this, you can blame Anonymous Content, the producers of the 2004 film starring Kate Winslet, Jim Carrey, Tom Wilkinson, Kirsten Dunst, Mark Ruffalo, and Elijah Wood that centered on a man who has memories of his ex-girlfriend erased, only to fight to retain them before they vanish.

Kaufman and Gondry have nothing to do with the series, which is still in very early stages with Zev Borow (Chuck) in talks to write the scrips.

So I'm not happy about this and I imagine most people aren't. The only caution is that some of these TV reboots that sound absurd initially turn out okay. They're rare, but they do exist. We'll see if this turns out to be one of the good ones, and if not...well, maybe it'll go away and we can forget it ever happened.