Gerard Butler Is Back For Action Sequel 'Angel Has Fallen'

Let's see...we don't really have a Die Hard franchise at the moment so no John McClane. 24 is back but without Jack Bauer. So who is the rugged American who can save our country when we need it most? Turns out it's Gerard Butler's Mike Banning from two successful action flicks, Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen, and now he's coming back for a third movie that switches up the rules in a big way.

Butler is set to return as Secret Service agent Mike Banning in Angel Has Fallen, which finds Banning the target, along with the President, of course. Angel refers to the President's plane, Air Force One, so we might see a film set entirely in the air. Where's Harrison Ford when you need him?

 Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt will write the script but as of now there is no director attached. After Antoine Fuqua directed the first one, Babak Najafi stepped in for the sequel. We may see them go with another relatively obscure inexpensive choice since audiences clearly don't care who is behind the camera. As long as Butler gets to shoot stuff, hit people, and blow stuff up then everything's good. [Deadline]