Forget Rambo, Sylvester Stallone Is Returning For 'Escape Plan 2'

Sylvester Stallone may not have it in him to do more Rambo movies, but a sequel to the utterly forgettable Escape Plan? Sure, why not? Deadline reports Stallone will return for Escape Plan 2, which we learned about unexpectedly a few months ago.

Stallone is returning to play security expert Ray Breslin,who in the first film was falsely jailed and had to break out of a prison of his own design. So why is this happening at all? Easy. The film may have tanked domestically but overseas it hauled in $112M. Chinese producers see that as an opportunity and are putting some serious cash behind the sequel. As for co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger, he's probably not coming back but he's got a major China-backed movie of his own to deal with.

Filming kicks off next spring with original writer Miles Chapman, but no word on a director. Sure he'll be top notch. I'm sure all of you will be waiting on pins and needles.