Enter To Win ROE Passes For 'Denial' Starring Rachel Weisz

We're happy to offer our DC readers the chance to win a pair of run-of-engagement (ROE) passes for the upcoming holocaust drama, Denial, starring Rachel Weisz, Tom Wilkinson, and Timothy Spall.

SYNOPSIS: Based on the acclaimed book Denial: Holocaust History on Trial, Denial recounts Deborah E. Lipstadt's (Academy Award® winner Rachel Weisz) legal battle for historical truth against David Irving (BAFTA nominee Timothy Spall), who accused her of libel when she declared him a Holocaust denier. In the English legal system, in cases of libel, the burden of proof is on the defendant, therefore it was up to Lipstadt and her legal team led by Richard Rampton (Academy Award® nominee Tom Wilkinson), to prove the essential truth that the Holocaust occurred. Rated: PG-13.

These passes are valid at the Angelika Mosaic in Fairfax, VA beginning Monday, October 10th, Monday thru Thursday.  To enter, simply send an email to punchdrunktrav@gmail.com with 'Denial ROE' in the subject line, Be sure to include your full name and mailing address! Winners will be selected tonight at 8pm so enter now!

Denial opens tomorrow, October 7th.