Duncan Jones's 'Mute' Adds Justin Theroux As Filming Begins

It's taken years and one blockbuster in Warcraft, but Duncan Jones is finally gearing up for his passion project, Mute. And with production now underway he's added one more piece to the long-anticipated sci-fi film.

Justin Theroux, who can be seen right now as one of the questionable dudes in The Girl On the Train, has joined the Mute cast. He'll feature alongside Alexander Skarsgard and Paul Rudd in the futuristic movie about Leo, a mute bartender in 2052 Berlin as he searches for his missing girlfriend while dueling two villainous rogues. Theroux will play one of the bad guys alongside Rudd, with Theroux as the protagonist.

Rumors are the film somehow ties into Jones' debut, Moon, and that we may even see a cameo by Sam Rockwell. I'd like to see how that gets pulled off. Here's what Jones had to say about the start of production and his working relationship with Netflix who will distribute.

“Mute is an encapsulation of everything I am fascinated by; noir, science fiction, and unique people in trouble because of who and what they are. I’m delighted to be able to return to Berlin for the shoot, a place I lived for a period of time growing up, and I’m excited to be working with Netflix on a film that is so close to my heart."