Disney's Live-Action 'Aladdin' Lands Guy Ritchie As Director

At this point complaining about Disney's live-action remakes is pointless, so let's just get to the next one that's moving forward. THR reports Guy Ritchie is the man who will take on a redo of their 1992 animated classic, Aladdin, working from a script by Big Fish writer, John August.

This will be a different film from the Genie spinoff that was announced last year and based on the popular Robin Williams-voiced character. Aladdin will be structured in a non-linear fashion described as "abitious and non-traditional", although many of the iconic musical numbers will be retained. So prepare to enter a "A Whole New World" with a "Friend Like Me". It's still unclear exactly how the Genie will be approached following Williams' untimely death. According to a report last year in the New York Post it'll be difficult because the actor's will forbids any of his leftover voice sessions being used for twentyfive years after his death. That's kinda jacked up.

Ritchie isn't the most obvious choice for something like this, but considering he bombed with The Man from UNCLE and nobody cares about King Arthur: Legend of the Sword perhaps an easy hit like this is the best thing for him.