Disney Hires Billy Ray For Rival 'Don Quixote' Film

Given his long association with Terry Gilliam's forever-developing (and once again delayed!) Don Quixote film, one can be forgiven if Johnny Depp's rival project with Disney was forgotten. Yep, Depp and the Mouse House had an idea for a modern version of Quixote that would have been penned by Steve Pink (Hot Tub Time Machine) and Jeff Morris. But it never happened, and now Disney is moving on entirely with a new adaptation of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra's classic tale.

Billy Ray (The Hunger Games) will pen a new take on Don Quixote that will be in the Pirates of the Caribbean vein. Urgh. Given that, would we be surprised if Depp finds his way onto this project, as well? The 17th-century story follows an aristocrat who loses his mind, gather up a sidekick in Pancho Sanza, and sets out on a surreal quest to bring chivalry back to the world.

It's unclear when this will get rolling but there's still time for Disney and Depp to make nice. They'll have to work together anyway when Pirates of the Caribbean 5 hits next year, and if audiences love it all will be forgiven. [THR]