Dafne Keen Confirmed As X-23 In New 'Logan' Photo

We've known for months that Logan, the final X-Men film to feature Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, would introduce his female clone, X-23. There have been further rumors about it since, including one false confirmation of an actress who had taken the role. But now it all becomes official with the latest Instagram post, revealing actress Dafne Keen will play Laura, who comics fans know is X-23's chosen name.

The introduction of X-23 is a big deal. She can be glimpsed a few times in the trailer but hopefully we'll get more footage of her in action soon. The designation "X-23" is because she is the 23rd attempt by Weapon X to replicate the process that created Wolverine. His DNA was used to give her an enhanced healing factor, and she has two adamantium claws on her hands with one on each foot.She also shares Logan's tracking ability and berserker rage, the latter caused by a "trigger scent" that sends her into a bloodlust.

Chances are the film version will be a little bit different. She won't have the street experience as a prostitute which the comics version has. And at this point we don't know what Fox's plans are for her. Will she get a new Wolverine franchise all to herself? Or will she show up in New Mutants? Only time will tell.  Logan hits theaters on March 3rd 2017.