Casey Affleck Is Writing And Starring In 'Villain'

Maybe it's a case of siblings trying to keep up with one another, but Casey Affleck is looking to join his brother Ben in playing a superhero with questionable standards of violence. Casey is set to star in Villain, a revenge movie with a supernatural twist based on a screenplay he wrote. But really it sounds like a superhero movie in disguise.

Swedish filmmaker Mikael Marcimain will be at the helm of a story that follows an ordinary man whose family is killed during a home invasion that also left him for dead with two bullets in the head. He survives, however, and somehow gains the ability to see the past, present, and future, a power he uses to get revenge and clean up the city streets in the process. But as he becomes more violent and his vigilante acts more frequent, the people he seeks to protect begin to see him as a villain rather than a hero.

So basically it's the same path Batman was walking in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, minus the precognitive abilities. This sounds like it could be the launch of a franchise if all goes well. When it will shoot is still unclear, but with Affleck recently signing on to star in crime thriller The Old Man and the Gun it could be a little while. [Deadline]