Boyd Holbrook Will Crucify 'Logan' As This Classic X-Men Villain

We've known for a few weeks now that Mister Sinister would be one of villain of the third Wolverine film, simply-titled Logan. But long before that there were rumors of the cyborg killers known as the Reavers also playing a role, and with multiple castings for bad guys following that it seemed more likely the team would be involved. And now today the film's hyper-active Instagram account has dropped one more image, confirming Boyd Holbrook's role as Donald Pierce, the cyborg leader of the Reavers.

A photo posted by @wponx on

The Reavers are an important crew in the X-Men's history. Pierce was the White Bishop of the notorious cabal known as the Hellfire Club, which was seen in X-Men: First Class. He leads a team of fellow cyborgs known as the Reavers, who at one point crucified Wolverine in arguably the hero's most iconic visual moment...

I expect if you're going to use the Reavers then this scene will have to be depicted in some way.  Am I wrong in hoping the introduction of cyborgs will also give us the debut of friendly androids Albert and Elsie-Dee? Could she be who this little girl seen in recent set photos is playing?

So now that Holbrook's casting is out of the way it's more likely than ever that Richard E. Grant will be Sinister. Don't be surprised if we get another photo confirming that tomorrow.

Logan hits theaters on March 3rd 2017.