Benicio Del Toro Out, Boyd Holbrook In For Shane Black's 'Predator' Sequel

While Shane Black's Predator sequel remains one of the top projects worth getting excited over in the next couple of years, there's been a disappointing change at lead actor. Just last month Benicio Del Toro was reported to be in talks to headline the film, but now THR reports that is no longer the case. Instead it will be Boyd Holbrook taking in the role.

The key problem is the usual; scheduling. Del Toro and 20th Century Fox had been trying to nail things down for a while, and reportedly bumped the shooting schedule for the actor's sake, but nothing could be worked out. That's a bummer, but Holbrook makes a compelling lead if you ask me. He's currently shooting Fox's third Wolverine movie, Logan, so the studio knows him well. He was great in recent drama The Free World (which you should check out) and on Netflix's Narcos.  The cast around him is probably going to boast more star power now to help make up for Del Toro's absence, so we may see some famous faces getting sliced up by the alien predator.

Predator begins shooting early next year for release on February 9th 2018.