Ang Lee Passed On Disney's Live-Action 'Mulan'

Disney's on the hunt for someone to lead their live-action adaptation of Mulan, just as they are in the middle of casting the film's stars. And yes, they are indeed seeking out Asian stars for it otherwise there might be a revolt. But they also want an Asian director to spearhead this project, and THR has news on one who turned the gig down.

Oscar-winner Ang Lee passed when Disney made him an offer to direct Mulan, and it's really not that surprising. Lee has mostly stayed away from blockbusters since he dabbled in it with Marvel's Hulk, and he's been staying with smaller projects ever since. That said, he's still been exploring new technological territory as he did with Life of Pi's amazing 3D, and will again with potential Oscar contender, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk.

Basically he doesn't need something like Mulan, so why bother? And this maybe gives Disney a chance to think outside the box as they did when hiring David Lowery for Pete's Dragon and Alex Ross Perry for Winnie the Pooh. They'll be looking to make a decision fast as Mulan opens November 2nd 2018.