A Reaver Takes Aim In The Latest Image From 'Logan'

It's been clear all along that the villains Wolverine would face in Logan were the cyborg Reavers, but it became obvious last week when the first image of Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce was revealed. Now it's been made official by the latest Instagram image from the film, which shows a Reaver ready to snipe someone down. Probably Logan.

A photo posted by @wponx on

The Reavers are really just a gang of cyborgs led by Pierce, a high-ranking figure inside the infamous Hellfire Club. Their membership included members such as Bonebreaker, Skullbuster, Prettyboy, Cole, and Lady Deathstrike, a longtime Wolverine foe seen in X-2 played by Kelly Hu. It's unclear if any of these characters will appear in the movie but I'm guessing some of them will since they are mainly interchangeable with the exception of Deathstrike.

Logan hits theaters on March 3rd 2017.