When The Villains Suck You Get A 'Captain America: Civil War' Honest Trailer

Captain America: Civil War is probably going to finish the year as the most beloved all of superhero movies, currently sporting a 90% from critics and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes. But is it perfect? I would say "Goddamn Hell yeah it is!", but the folks at Honest Trailers feel differently. They've decided to pick apart the Marvel movie just in time for its arrival on Blu-Ray/DVD, and y'know...they make some valid points.

For one thing they note how it's kinda not a big deal to have the Avengers fighting other Avengers because it does happen all of the time. Like in every movie. The stakes are higher but the reason remains flimsy as ever "Is it better to be dickishly stubborn or stubbornly dickish"?) and does seem like a cover for a villain that is pretty lame.  And yeah, we all pretty much picked up on the similarities with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, not just in the heroes vs. heroes aspect but in the overly-complicated schemes by Zemo and Luthor.

I think overall this is one of the weaker Honest Trailers because its touching on things we already know, but I respect them for going after targets that aren't so easy.  Check it out for yourself below and pick up Captain America: Civil War for yourself right here.