TV Land Orders 'Heathers' Pilot With Leslye Headland Directing

Anthology series are all the rage right now with American Horror Story, Scream Queens, and Fargo, and now TV Land is getting into the game. Unfortunately, they're doing it on the back of one of my favorite movies ever, Heathers, as the long-developing show is definitely a go.

THR reports TV Land has ordered a pilot for Heathers, which will be a modern reboot of the classic high school comedy that starred Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, and Shannen Doherty. And there's going to be a significant twist this time as the mean girl-esque Heathers clique won't just be pretty white girls. Instead they will consist of a black lesbian, a guy who identifies as gender-queer, and a girl who has a body similar to social outcast Martha Dumptruck. Basically the misfits have become the cool kids.

Not sure how I feel about that since I feel there's great material left to be mined from the original premise, but there's reason for optimism. Leslye Headland, who wrote and directed comedies Bachelorette and Sleeping with Other People, will be behind the camera. She'll be working from a script by Jason Micallef (Butter), and if there are multiple seasons each will take place in a new setting with different Heathers.