Trailer For War-Torn Drama 'The Promise' With Oscar Isaac And Christian Bale

When the first images from period drama The Promise dropped last month, we speculated this could be a movie that proves to be a sleeper this awards season. The reasons were obvious. It hails from Hotel Rwanda director Terry George, and the cast led by Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale, and Charlotte Le Bon are pretty much great in everything. Now the first trailer has arrived for what looks to be a sweeping romance set during events that are still controversial to this day.

Taking place during the final days of the Ottoman Empire, the film centers on a love triangle that forms between an American journalist, a  medical student, and a beautiful Armenian artist from Paris. Each will have to find a way to survive as the government takes increasingly violent action against its own citizens. The genocide that followed is still denied by many within Turkey, so maybe this film can shed some light on a subject many don't know anything about.

Expect The Promise to be a hot ticket item at TIFF where it will premiere soon.