'Toxic Avenger' Remake Lands 'Sausage Party' Director', Ben Younger Races To 'Isle Of Man'

Considering what a totally unglued experience Sausage Party turned out to be, perhaps it makes sense to have one of its directors take on a remake of The Toxic Avenger. Conrad Vernon has boarded the redo of Troma's campy cult classic, working from a screenplay by Archer writers Mike Arnold and Chris Poole. The original 1984 movie was insane, centering on a dorky janitor who is beaten up by bullies, doused in toxic chemicals and set on fire. It left him completely deformed but also gave him super-strength, which he used to fight crime in a series of movies that got progressively worse. Somehow the plan for this new version is to be more grounded, which sounds exactly like the wrong way to go and with the wrong creative people. [Deadline]

Ben Younger, the guy behind the Miles Teller boxing drama Bleed for This, has found his next project. He'll write, produce, and direct Isle of Man, which is about the annual Isle of Man Tournament Trophy race held there. Not much else is known about the film as it's still so early on, but we do know that filming begins in March 2017.