Tom Hanks To Write And Possibly Star In WWII Navy Drama 'Greyhound'

With reviews for Sully glowing (including mine) and predicting a bright Oscars future for Tom Hanks, the beloved actor isn't waiting long to pick his next project. And once again it finds him taking command; not of an army unit (Saving Private Ryan) or a merchant vessel (Captain Phillips), or a space shuttle (Apollo 13) or an airplane. Instead he's eying the command of a WWII Navy Destroyer in Greyhound.

The film will actually be written by Hanks, showing a personal investment we probably haven't seen from him since the unfortunate Larry Crowne. That said, he won't be behind the camera for this one. Instead it will be Aaron Schneider (Get Low) directing the film about a career officer given command of a Navy Destroyer who must fight the enemy and his self doubts to prove he belongs.

Hanks' characters tend to be confident in their own abilities even if others aren't, so this will be a decent change of pace. That's if Hanks agrees to star. Apparently nothing is official yet but given how this looks to be a passion project it would be odd if he didn't. [Deadline]