Todd McFarlane Still Saying A 'Spawn' Movie Is Coming....Some Day...Probably Never

Before I started on this I went to our search engine and typed in "Spawn", just to get an idea how many times Todd McFarlane has promised us a new Spawn movie was coming. It's been a few. Every few years he pops up saying that he's working on the script or whatever, and nothing happens. The most recent was his empty hope that the movie could shoot in 2014. It's 2016, anybody seen it yet? No? Well anyway, McFarlane is back with more promises so we might as well tack this one on to the list.

There's almost no reason to talk to McFarlane unless you're going to ask him about Spawn, and that's what AMC's Geeking Out show [via Comicbook.com] did. And as usual, McFarlane said that a new movie was in the works that would make us all forget that horrible 1997 live-action movie with Michael Jai White. Let's be clear, NOTHING will make us forget that shit.

"The simple answer is yes. It's not going to be a continuation. It's not going to be a sequel. Scrub the first movie."

McFarlane promises this version will be "dark", "R-Rated", "badass", and more "real" than the prior version which was rated PG-13 for all the reasons fans hate. He also says this Spawn will barely appear on screen, sort of like a "boogeyman" or the shark from Jaws, terrorizing his victims without being seen. 

It's a cool idea to be sure, and reminds me of the awesome animated Spawn series on HBO, which I still own and watch regularly. That is how you do a dark Spawn movie, and hopefully McFarlane will actually get this one off the ground. I'm just not holding my breath.