'The Great Beauty' Director Paolo Sorrentino Plans Silvio Berlusconi Film

The critical response to Youth didn't quite live up to Oscar winner The Great Beauty, but perhaps Paolo Sorrentino will rebound with his next film. According to Variety, Sorrentino is planning to direct Loro, a film based on the life of scandal-ridden former Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi.

Sorrentino is writing the screenplay now, apparently not taking a break after helming the 10-episode series The Young Pope for HBO. While Berlusconi is one of the most controversial figures in Italian politics, heck of ANY nation's politics, the film won't be be just a hit piece. It will instead be a broader depiction of Berlusconi's world. He's expected to leave the political arena after more than two decades, during which he served as Italy's prime minister four times. That said, there was rarely a scandal that has name wasn't swept up in, including the recent discovery of the Panama Papers. A couple of movies on the Panama Papers are already in the works.

If all goes well with the script Sorrentino hopes to get rolling next summer.