'Shanghai Dawn' Lands 'Napoleon Dynamite' Director Jared Hess

You may not want it, but a sequel to those forgettable Shanghai Noon movies is indeed happening. More than a year ago we learned Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson would be saddling up for a third movie, Shanghai Dawn, and now it takes a crucial step forward with the addition of Jared Hess as director.

THR has the news of the Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre director's signing, making this his second collaboration with Wilson after this month's heist comedy, Masterminds. It's been a whopping thirteen years (!!!) since the last movie, Shanghai Knights, which saw Wilson's cowboy teamed up with Chan's kung-fu master in a clashing of genres. These movies were a clear attempt to cash in on Chan's buddy-comedy success following Rush Hour, but the results were that neither 'Shanghai' movie topped $100M. Somehow, someway, some exec saw those numbers and said "God damn let's make another more than a decade later"!

All that said, these movies are pretty harmless and it's likely Shanghai Dawn will be as well.